Brooksby Farm Smith Barn WeddingTina & Diane

Brooksby Farm WeddingTina and Diane got married last weekend at Brooksby Farm in Peabody.  It was an absolutely lovely wedding.  The threat of rain was never realized, there were so many great personal touches, and everyone in attendance had a great time!  Thanks to Linda and Heather for all of their help, and for some of the shots seen below!

I started off the afternoon taking portraits of Tina and Diane.  Brooksby Farm is a photographer’s dream – so many beautiful areas to take photos!  I think the cloud cover really contributed to the mood – the photos would have been totally different had it been a sunny day.

Brooksby Farm WeddingTina and Diane’s ceremony was wonderful.  It was personal, intimate, and very moving.   I loved that they danced down the aisle for the processional, I loved the readings, and I loved the song (complete with guests’ singing!).  To be honest, I got a little teary-eyed!Brooksby Farm Outdoor Wedding CeremonyImmediately after the ceremony, there was a receiving line and cocktail hour.  Because we did all of the formal photos before the ceremony, I was able to shoot the cocktail hour!  I was really happy – this is always one of my favorite parts of the day!  I also got to check out all of the details, which were fabulous.  The flowers were lovely, and different on each table.  I loved the favors, and I also loved that Tina and Diane put games out on the tables for their guests to play.Smith Barn WeddingThe reception was held in an awesome barn, and was super fun.  And there was wedding pie instead of cake!  Pie!!!!  I was psyched.  Tina and Diane each cut their own pie, which I thought was a great idea!  After pie there was dancing and more revelry!Smith Barn Wedding ReceptionCongrats Tina and Diane!  Your wedding was awesome and I wish you both the best!Same Sex Wedding MA