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I’ve been looking through all of the photos I took in 2015, and of course I took thousands of photos of my favorite subject – my son Simon. I barely take out my camera for personal use anymore, and when I do, it’s to document my family. Between running a business, being a mother (to a wonderful kiddo with special needs), and other life obligations, I haven’t had any time to focus on work done purely for myself. I hope that will change some day, but for now, I’m content taking photos of my family’s adventures when I have the energy to do so!

Here are some of my favorites I took of Simon is 2015. Simon went from being an emotional “threenager” to being a more confident, and rebellious, four year old. He’s a bright, silly, curious, spirited, and fun little boy, with a smile that can light up any room. We are still the best of friends, and have the best time playing, cooking, creating, and exploring together.

This year did pose some challenges photographically, as he went from being super chill about having his photo taken (as in, he’d look if I asked him to look, and smile if I asked him to smile) to dodging me completely. “I don’t LIKE the camera!” was said more than once. That being said, he did TAKE a couple photos this year. I’m not pushing photography on him, but if he’s interested, I’ll be an enthusiastic supporter!

These photos are not necessarily the best photos I took this year. When I was compiling this set, I chose photos that brought me back to a specific moment in time, or a feeling I remember fondly, or just made me smile for no reason in particular. They’re not all my best work (like the photo of Simon with his red mask face paint, which I love because the latter part of 2015 was full of superhero play). Some of them I love because I’m proud of them, like the photo of Simon looking out the window at the sculpture hanging at the museum. I love the composition, I love the mood, and I love that I caught the moment before he saw me behind him. Some of the photos (toward the end of the post) are from my phone, which I barely used this year.

One of my resolutions this year is to be better about taking family photos. As I get deeper into being a mother, I’m acutely and sadly aware that the cutest of phases can be short lived, and that I need to take photos to remember all of them (like this year’s awesome yoga phase, where Simon would spontaneously start doing yoga all around the house; I miss it so much).

Simon’s four years old now, and I know that he’s not going to let me take his picture forever. I need to savor it while I can, and document as much as I am able. Thinking about this has motivated my wanting to help other families remember these times through their own family documentary photos. If you’ve ever found yourself looking at your child and thinking “I wish it could stay just. like. this,” like I often do, then drop me a line. I’d love to take photos of things, just as they are right now, so that you’ll always have a way to come back to this wonderful, sweet, and perfect time.

I hope you enjoy looking through the photos of our year – we had so much fun!

Simon is four years old in this photo, but he thinks he is fourteen.
Documentary Family Photographer MA

He loves to pile pillows wherever he is and pretend that they are a suphero lair, island surrounded by water, or mountain.Documentary Family Photographer MassachusettsDocumentary Family Photographer Massachusetts

He learned how to do Yoga at preschool last year and loved to show off his moves around the house.
Documentary Family Photographer MetrowestSometimes the most fun part of travel is the hotel room.Documentary Family Photographer Natick Documentary Family Photographer Newton Documentary Family Photographer BostonHere he is putting together a LEGO set with one of our good friends.Documentary Family Photographer NeedhamSnow!Documentary Family Photographer WellesleyThis is a shot from the Strandbeest Exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum.Documentary Family Photographer WestonSimon took gymnastics this year and loved it!Planet Gymnastics NatickThis is one of my favorites from the entire year – the smile that comes from drinking hot chocolate after playing out in the snow!Documentary Family Photographer Wayland Documentary Family Photographer Sudbury Documentary Family Photographer AshlandHe appeared at my office door one morning wearing my socks.Documentary Family Photographer WorcesterHe loves arcades, just like his mom!Documentary Family Photographer Waltham Documentary Family Photographer CambridgeMore snow – there were many, many, many snow photos this year.Documentary Family Photographer ArlingtonBeing goofy with his friend before strawberry picking.Documentary Family Photographer SomervilleThis was his, and my, first time exploring a cave!Documentary Family Photographer BrooklineI am so grateful we got to spend some time with my grandfather, who Simon called “Great-Bampy,” before he passed away in October. I miss him so much, and having these photos means so much to me.
Documentary Family Photographer SherbornSimon went on his first boat ride ever this summer – he loved it!Documentary Family Photographer DoverHe loves to pick strawberries.Family Portrait Photographer MA Family Portrait Photographer MassachusettsPlaying with the box that my new computer came in!Family Portrait Photographer Metrowest

And… more snow.Family Portrait Photographer NatickPlaying with his cousin in Maine – they always have the best time!
Family Portrait Photographer NewtonThis happened on the beach during our summer vacation in New Hampshire. It’s one of my absolutely favorites ever because it’s so weird.Family Portrait Photographer BostonHe went through a card game phase this year – here he is playing Go Fish with some of our friends who were visiting from NYC.Family Portrait Photographer NeedhamThis was taken at a children’s museum in New Hampshire. I think we stayed in this room for an hour – all three of us were in heaven!Family Portrait Photographer Wellesley Family Portrait Photographer WestonHe loves Halloween so much (even though he’s resistant to wearing costumes).
Family Portrait Photographer AshlandSimon spent a majority of the latter portion of the year pretending to be superheroes (his favorites are Spiderman, Iron Man, and Captain America; I usually have to be The Green Goblin or Doc Ock).
Family Portrait Photographer WaylandSimon became quite the builder this year – he’ll build with anything!Family Portrait Photographer SudburyI snapped this one after an engagement session in Boston – he actually looked and smiled when I asked him to!Family Portrait Photographer WalthamThis is “Milky the Ghost.” He hung out with Simon for a bit near Halloween.Family Portrait Photographer CambridgeProudly displaying a red pepper he picked from our garden.
Family Portrait Photographer Arlington Family Portrait Photographer Somerville Family Portrait Photographer BrooklineHe picked out a Jack Skellington cupcake for his fourth birthday!Family Portrait Photographer Sherborn Family Portrait Photographer DoverThis is pretty much what life looks like these days – LEGO everywhere, all the time.Family Portrait Photographer Dedham Boy In SalemThe next photos were all taken with my phone. Boy Playing In Puddle Rain Boots In PuddleI still don’t think there’s anything sweeter than a kid sleeping. Here he is sleeping in after a night being sick.
Boy Sleeping In Parents' BedWatching one of the hail storms through the window.Boy Standing In Window Watching StormWe had a great time raking leaves… the first time. Then we were pretty much done.Boy In LeavesThis was a toilet paper / tape sculpture he installed one afternoon all around the house.Boy Playing with Toilet PaperHe fell asleep on the way home from the grocery store on the 4th of July. I couldn’t have set this up if I tried.
Boy Asleep with American Flag