Pamet Harbor Yacht Club WeddingMaggie & Kate

Pamet Harbor Yacht Club Wedding

I first spoke with Maggie and Kate on the phone back in January, and have been dying to meet them ever since!  They are middle school teachers who live in Brooklyn, and I knew based on our phone conversations and emails that they would be awesome!  I was not disappointed – Maggie and Kate are amongst the most awesome people ever.   They got married this weekend in Truro at the Pamet Harbor Yacht Club.   It was a beautifully sunny day, and everything was just perfect.  Special hanks to my awesome assistant Julie for all of her help, and for showing me around the Cape!

We started the day off with the ceremony.  Blue skies, sand, and the sweetest ceremony ever.  It was definitely one of my favorite ceremonies thus far!

Pamet Harbor Yacht Club Wedding

After the ceremony, we took some photos of Maggie and Kate near some boat lockers on the beach.  Same Sex Wedding MA

We then headed inside for the cocktail hour.  There were some speeches, and also music!  I myself am from a musical family – we were always singing by the piano growing up, and at my own wedding my sister gave a musical toast during which I cried like a baby.  So I was super psyched when Maggie’s father played piano and sang a song that he wrote for Maggie on the day she was born.Gay Friendly Wedding Photographer MA

And then… Kate surprised Maggie with a song, and the place went crazy!!!  It was probably the best wedding moment of all time.Lesbian Wedding MA

After the singing ended (and I never wanted it to end), we headed out to the dock to take some photos as the sun set.  The sunset was absolutely exquisite!Brides Sunset Cape Cod

Here are some of my favorites from the reception!

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Congratulations Maggie and Kate!  It was so wonderful to finally meet you, and to share your wedding day with you!Lesbian Wedding Cape Cod

  • Maggie & Kate said:

    You have taken our breath away. We are sitting in our honeymoon hotel, stunned by how beautiful these pictures are. Because of your talent & personality, any couple is lucky & blessed to have you and your team a part of their day. You have two fans in in touch if you pass that way! xoxo