Tower Hill Botanic Garden WeddingLeeanne & Joe

Tower Hill Botanic Garden WeddingLeeanne and Joe got married last weekend at Tower Hill Botanic Garden.  I’ve been looking forward to their wedding all year!  Their engagement session was great, we did a walk through of the venue about a month ago and I was totally inspired, and also Leeanne and Joe are just awesome people.  I knew it was going to be one of the highlights of my year!

I started the day off with Leeanne and her bridesmaids at her house.  Leeanne was super happy, and her bridesmaids were all amazing.  Leeanne was totally giddy about her dress, and couldn’t stop staring at it!  And the bridesmaids were super helpful, both to Leeanne and to my 32-week pregnant self!  I got some cat hair on my pants before we left for the ceremony, and one of the bridesmaids helped me lint brush it away since I wasn’t flexible enough to do it myself.  How awesome is that?   I should also mention, for those of you who like a good “small world” story, that Jeff and Laura, whose wedding I photographed in July, were coincidentally (and totally unrelated!) attending a party next door to Leeanne’s house while I was photographing everyone getting ready.  Totally insane!!!Tower Hill Botanic Garden WeddingWhen the ladies were done getting ready, I took the limo with them to the ceremony.  Note to self: it is very hard to get into and out of a limo when 32 weeks pregnant, but, again, the bridesmaids were super helpful!  Thanks ladies!  The ceremony was awesome – Leeanne and Joe were both so happy, the weather was perfect, and Tower Hill Botanic Garden was absolutely beautiful!Tower Hill Botanic Garden Wedding CeremonyAfter the ceremony, we took some photos of Leeanne and Joe.  When we did our walk through last month, Leeanne told me she loved the bench and the swing on the grounds of the gardens, so we spent a lot of time at those two spots taking photos.Tower Hill Botanic Garden Bride and Groom PortraitsBride and Groom on SwingWe also took some photos in this beautiful field, where, thankfully, neither Shawn nor myself got poison ivy even though we were afraid that we did!Tower Hill Botanic Garden Field Here are a few of my favorites of the wedding party.  So much fun!Tower Hill Botanic Garden Wedding PartyFor those of you who know me, or who read this blog, you know I’m a die hard Star Wars fan.  So you can imagine my excitement when THIS happened after Leeanne and Joe were announced!  Best.  Intro.  Ever.Star Wars WeddingHere are a few of my favorites from the reception, which was so much fun.  My favorite thing as a wedding photographer is to see my couples having a great time at their reception, and Leeanne and Joe totally had a blast!Tower Hill Botanic Garden Wedding ReceptionCongrats Leeanne and Joe, and thanks for having such an awesome wedding!Bride and Groom in Trees