Sea Crest Beach Hotel WeddingKristin & Bobby

Kristin and Bobby got married last weekend at The Sea Crest Beach Hotel on Cape Cod.  I had been compulsively checking the weather the week before, wondering if it was going to rain on their wedding day.  It was pouring as Shawn and I left Waltham, but by the time we got to the Cape, it was actually quite nice.  I headed over to photograph Kristin getting ready, where everyone there was checking the weather!  We were always looking out the window, checking the forecast. and watching the radar (yay smart phones!).  Just as we were about to head out to the beach for the first look, it started to pour!  Luckily we had a pretty loose schedule for before the wedding (and radar to watch, which told us the rain would be over soon), so we were able to wait out the rain!

Sea Crest Beach Hotel WeddingThe minute the rain stopped, I said “Go!” and we headed out to the beach for the first look.  It was so romantic!  And epic!  I love the mood that the clouds create, and in a way I’m glad that it wasn’t sunny because we got the beach to ourselves!  And I’m so glad we were able to wait out the rain, because I really wanted Kristin and Bobby to have some photos on the beach.  Sea Crest Beach Hotel WeddingThe original plan was for Kristin and Bobby to get married on the beach, but it was pouring during the ceremony.  Luckily they’d rented a tent for cocktail hour, and were able to get married there.  Their ceremony was so sweet – there was a lot of laughter, they had their guests share in the vows, and it was the best case scenario for the less than ideal weather!Cape Cod Wedding CeremonyAfter the ceremony, we took some more photos, and then headed to the reception, which was super fun!  Falmouth Wedding ReceptionCongrats to Kristin and Bobby – Shawn and I had so much fun at your wedding, and we are so psyched that the weather cooperated and we were able to get some shots on the beach!Cape Cod Resort Wedding

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    Beautiful shots Leah!