Waterman Grille Restaurant Wedding Kelly & Clark

When Kelly and Clark emailed me about their wedding, I knew that I had to shoot it.  Kelly said that she was going to be wearing a purple dress, that it was going to be fairly nontraditional, and there was going to be… drum roll… KARAOKE.  She also said that if I sent her some information about packages, then she’d send me their Back to the Future Save the Date.   But back to the karaoke… for those of you who know me, you know that there is nothing I love more in life than karaoke.  I love karaoke so much, in fact, that I had karaoke at my wedding.  And I could have extended my karaoke wedding for a week straight, that’s how much fun I had doing karaoke at my wedding!  Needless to say I was psyched when Kelly and Clark booked me – I couldn’t wait!  Their wedding was at The Waterman Grille in Providence, Rhode Island.   The restaurant is right on the water, and the food was amazing.  The wedding night started off with guests gathering for a pre-wedding cocktail hour.  Everyone was in great spirits, especially Kelly’s nieces, who were tasked with handing out candles to everyone as they arrived.

Waterman Grille WeddingThe ceremony was so emotional.  I hadn’t actually met Kelly & Clark prior to the ceremony – we’d only spoken on the phone – and I still found myself in tears.  It was very informal – the guests formed a circle around Kelly & Clark, sipped on cocktails, and lit candles.Waterman Grille WeddingThe vows were super emotional.  Kelly was adorable when they exchanged rings – have you ever seen a happier bride?Rhode Island WeddingAfter the ceremony, everyone headed out for more cocktails.Providence WeddingI took Kelly & Clark away from the cocktail hour for (literally) a few minutes for photos.  I didn’t really need to give them any direction – they were so happy and the camera loved them.RI Wedding PhotographerAfter some family shots we headed inside for the reception.  Everyone enjoyed the buffet before dancing started.Restaurant WeddingAnd then there was…. KARAOKE.  It was awesome.  It really made me miss my days in NYC (and before I was a parent!) when I used to do karaoke all the time.  Note to self: organize karaoke outing as soon as wedding season ends.Karaoke WeddingCongrats to Kelly & Clark!  Your wedding was awesome!Casual Wedding Rhode Island