Race Brook Country Club Wedding Katrina & Brendan

Katrina & Brendan got married last weekend!  Hooray!  I’ve known Katrina & Brendan since I photographed their headshots years ago when I was just starting out in photography!  They are both opera singers, and I was so excited to find out that they were getting married since I knew there would be all manner of beautiful music at their wedding.  I started the day off at Katrina’s parents’ house where the girls were getting ready.  It was raining out, and we kept crossing our fingers that the weather would improve by the time the ceremony started.

Opera Singer WeddingWe then headed to the church where the ceremony was to be held.  Katrina & Brendan’s friends sang at the ceremony, and it was amazing.  I kept having to remind myself that I was there to work and not just to be entertained.  It really was the most beautiful music I’ve heard thus far at a wedding, and Katrina & Brendan really enjoyed their ceremony.

Opera Singer WeddingHow cute was that photo of Katrina kissing Brendan right after the ceremony?  They were standing under a landing so that they wouldn’t get hit by the rain!   In the middle of the reception at The Race Brook Country Club, one of Katrina’s bridesmaids came up to me and asked if it would be ok to sneak out and take some photos of Katrina & Brendan while the sun was out.  “OF COURSE!” I said, and we ran outside to take advantage of the brief but beautiful skies.  I couldn’t have planned things better myself – it was just the right time of day, when the sun is low in the sky and creates a magic glow around the couple.  How pretty is the sun shining through Katrina’s hair?

Race Brook Country Club Wedding Connecticut WeddingThe cocktail hour was held indoors since it was still raining, and was complete with more opera entertainment!

Opera Performance Wedding Cocktail Hour

Katrina & Brendan’s first dance was beautiful, and ended with a dip!
Connecticut Wedding

The crowd at this wedding was amazing – one of the all time best.  Everyone hit the dance floor hard and with enthusiasm.  I love seeing a bride and groom on the dance floor, having a good time!Country Club Wedding Fun Wedding Reception

Congrats to Katrina & Brendan!  I’m so glad that I got to be a part of your big day, and that we got to sneak outside in the sun for a few minutes!  Best wishes to you both!Country Club Wedding Portrait