Gore Place WeddingJustina & Sean

Justina and Sean got married last week at Gore Place, a beautiful historic estate in Waltham.  I actually live about 10 minutes from Gore Place, and drive by it all the time, but never visited until the wedding.  It’s gorgeous – I highly recommend checking it out if you are ever in the area.   As has been the case with so many weddings this season, there was the threat of possible insane rain, or possibly no rain at all.  We started the day off with a first look and photos of Justina and Sean, and there was no rain!

Gore Place Wedding

While we were scoping out the grounds prior to the ceremony, we checked out the Carriage House, which was going to be the location of the ceremony should it rain.  I immediately decided that it was going to be the location for some photos of Justina and Sean.  How beautiful is the light coming through the door?

Gore Place Wedding

Here are Justina and Sean in front of the mansion, and then in front of a bunch of crazy clouds – looks like it’s going to pour, right?  It didn’t!

Gore Place Wedding

We took some photos of the wedding party in front of the mansion.  I love the bridesmaids’ dresses with the different shades of purple!

Gore Place Wedding Party

We headed inside to take some photos because it was getting really windy!  The inside of the mansion is beautiful!

Gore Mansion Wedding

So…. it started to rain like two minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to start.  Everyone was sitting outside… and guess what?  It STOPPED!  It stopped the minute the processional started.  Amazing!    The ceremony was beautiful – it took place in a big empty field near a tree.  There were lots of laughs and tears.  Thanks to my second shooter Shawn for some of the shots below!

Gore Place Wedding CeremonyWe headed out into the field to take some more photos after the ceremony ended.  I loved the emptiness of the field, and the clouds.  Sometimes a cloudy sky can be so much more interesting than a blue one!Massachusetts WeddingSince Justina and Sean took all of their group photos prior to the ceremony, we were able to take photos of the cocktail hour, which is one of my favorite parts of the wedding to shoot.  It’s great for candids, because everyone is so relaxed and happy.Outdoor Wedding Cocktail HourWe then headed into the tent for the reception.  And guess what – just as Justin and Sean were about to be announced in it started to pour!  They started off with a first dance and then asked everyone to join in.  The guests joined in, and then they all danced to a fast song.  I love that idea!  It started the party off right!  The toasts featured Buddy the Family Dog, and some of the most laughter I’ve seen in a while.  Gore Place Wedding ReceptionWaltham MA Wedding VenuesCongrats to Justina and Sean!