Museum of Science WeddingJordan & Matt

Boston Museum of Science WeddingI don’t even know where to begin with Jordan and Matt’s wedding.  Before I was a photographer, I was a molecular biologist.  I’ve always loved all things science, and I still do.  And of course, being born and raised in MA, I love the Museum of Science.  And, let’s face it, I’m a big nerd.  I love Star Wars and dinosaurs and comics etc.  I didn’t know much about Jordan and Matt’s wedding when I booked it, but after meeting them for their engagement session in NYC I knew immediately that it was going to be one of the highlights of my season.   I loved it not only because of the location, but because of all the personal touches Jordan and Matt added to their day.  It was offbeat, adorable, and so perfect for the two of them.  Big thanks to Heather and Shawn for helping me out with carrying things and lights, and for some of the photos below!

Heather and I started off the day with Jordan, who was getting ready in a secret room in The Museum of Science.  I was very excited when I learned that her wedding party had brought a steamer!    I really wish all brides would bring one.  It really helps, and for some reason I really love the photos with all of the steam.  Jordan was radiant, and I loved the purple dresses and bouquets.   Boston Museum of Science WeddingFrom there we headed to the Theater of Electricity for the ceremony.  Could you ask for a better place to get married?  No, you could not.  The ceremony was fun and emotional, and Jordan and Matt wrote their own vows.  Boston Museum of Science Wedding

After the ceremony, Jordan and Matt……. got into the cage and prepared to be struck by lightning.  They were very brave.  I’ve seen the lightning show a zillion times and I still think I’d be nervous getting into the cage.   Nerd Wedding MAWhen the lightning demonstration was over, we headed outside to take some group photos and photos of Jordan and Matt.  The light was perfect, right around sunset!Charles River Boston WeddingI also stole Jordan and Matt for a few minutes of their reception to take some photos of them in the museum.  There was no way I was leaving there without a photo of them in front of the Tyrannosaurus Rex!  Dinosaur Space Shuttle WeddingThe reception was awesome.  How much do I love the table names?  You’ll spot Beryllium below.  Side note: When I saw this, I immediately thought “Why didn’t I think of this for my own wedding?”  My husband is a chemist and it would have been perfect.  Although, I suppose our Star Wars planet table names were also perfect.  I digress…..  Also please note the steampunk/robot/space cake topper (amazing!), the test tube centerpieces (also amazing!), and the extremely fun parent/family dances.Nerdy Wedding MassachusettsWhen it was time to dance, the crowd literally erupted.  I’ve never seen anything like it…. they were ready, and they exploded onto the dance floor and never stopped.  Jordan and Matt’s DJ was amazing, mainly because he played Magic Dance. It was a struggle not putting down my camera so that I could dance with the guests at this wedding (although I did dance to Magic Dance, since it was playing as we were leaving the museum).Fun Science Museum Wedding

Congratulations Jordan and Matt!  Your wedding was so much fun – thank you so much for having us!Bride and Groom Space Shuttle Wedding