I love the emotion and excitement of weddings.  I love that no two couples, and no two weddings, are the same.  I love collaborating with creative, nerdy, silly, and happy couples who are excited about their weddings and about photography.  I love showing up and being ready for whatever happens.  I love being on the lookout for sweet, quiet, funny, or crazy moments.

I love reliving the story when I get home and start looking through the photos.  But most of all, I love collaborating on something with former strangers and having it be meaningful to all of us.  We make this piece of art together that wouldn’t have existed if one of us wasn’t there. That’s a really profound thing when you think about it.

Every time I do think about it I think “Wow, this wouldn’t have been in the world without them and me,” and I can’t believe how lucky I am that I get to do this for a living!



My job is the best. I feel honored when I’m the one a couple chooses to tell their story through photographs.

I am a photojournalist, and therefore a storyteller, and that story starts with you.  You have unique personalities and that doesn’t change on your wedding day.   Your photos aren’t going to be of frozen poses or look like anyone’s wedding but yours – I want you to have wedding photos that feel real, authentic, and relaxed. I never go into a wedding with an agenda other than capturing the true story of the wedding day, and having a great time.

It’s important to me to make sure that you’re connecting with each other and the moment, so that we create not just beautiful photos, but honest and intimate ones. I’ll capture photos of your nervous laughter during the portraits, your eyes starting to tear up during the ceremony, and the high you feel on the dance floor!

You’ll both have huge smiles on your faces, but not because a photographer is telling you to. You’ll be smiling nonstop because you will be having the most fun you’ve ever had, and I’ll be there to document it!



Not a lot weird, but just enough.  That’s why the quote at the top of the page resonates with me – we all are a little weird, and it’s our weirdness that makes us original.  My job is to capture that originality, and to create photos that convey a sense of intimacy and rawness that will transport you right back to your wedding day when you look at the photos years from now.  My images will remind you not only what things looked like, but exactly how things felt.

Boston Wedding Photographer