In putting together my favorite photos taken in 2014, I couldn’t neglect my personal work. Personal work over the past three years has meant only one thing – family. Between running my business and being a mother there hasn’t been much time to do work purely for myself. That being said, taking photos of my son brings me great joy, and I love when I get a photo of him that’s not only cute, but also a solid photo in general.

Here are a few of my favorite shots of Simon from 2014. Simon started 2014 as a sweet two year old, and ended 2014 as, as one wise internet mother said, an opinionated “threenager.” He’s a bright, funny, spirited, adventurous, energetic, curious, and adorable little boy. He is my best friend, my muse, and my heart.

I am embarrassed to say that some of these photos are cell phone snaps. I’m not as diligent as I’d like to be with taking photos of him. I was much better when he was an infant, when he wasn’t so fast and didn’t have an agenda! Two was tough – I spent the entire year chasing him around. Now, at three, I can trust him to make good choices, and I now have the freedom to make photos of him. I also got a new camera at the end of the year, and am so excited to take photos.

These photos are my favorites from 2014, not necessarily the best. When I see these photos they evoke an emotion, a reminder of a place or time or feeling or all three. They may not be the best technically (such as the cell phone photos!), or I may have been slightly off on the composition (since this kid is fast!), or it might be a pretty straightforward shot that I love because of his expression (like the photo from his first time bowling). Some of them I love because I’m proud of them, like the photo of Simon toward the bottom where he’s balancing on the bathroom sink. I love the composition, I love that I caught the moment (he didn’t see me, which is a big challenge now!), and I love that I documented him doing it (because he did this every time he brushed his teeth for a while and doesn’t do it anymore, and I miss it, and I smile every time I see that photo now).

As a photographer I have to constantly ask myself “Is this a good photo, or do I just like it because it brings me back to the moment that I took it?” It’s the biggest challenge when I get around to updating my website each year. I get emotionally attached to all of my couples, and I find it nearly impossible to determine what’s a website-worthy photo (the best of the best) vs. a photo that I really really love just because I really love the couple in it! When you take tons of photos of your kid, you’re in love with every single photo just because your kid is in it.

These photos are just some photos that make me smile, because they’re good, or just because they make me feel good when I see them.

I hope you enjoy looking through the photos of our year – we had lots of fun!

Sitting On The StairwellTalking to Cookie Monster Hiding In the CurtainPlaying In Kiddie Pool Wearing Cookie Monster Slippers On Bed In The CarseatRunning Through The Woods Driving A Submarine Looking At Reflection Buried in Sand on Beach DeCordova Family Portrait Looking At ReflectionWearing Mom's Red Boots Taking A Bath Hanging Out In A Pumpkin House Happy In A Corn Maze Wearing A Pirate Costume Eating a Cupcake Hiding In A Pirate Ship Jumping On The Bed Laughing On The SeeSaw Showing Off My New HatNatick Halloween Parade Natick Halloween Brushing My TeethFirst Time Bowling Hanging Out On The Couch Trying Out The New Scooter New Year Glasses