Wedding Photography Tips – Engagement Session Info!

So you’ve decided to do an engagement session – hooray!

Now you get to decide where to have it!  My suggestion?  Somewhere beautiful, meaningful, or even both!  You can incorporate a shared interest (I did a miniature golf engagement session once!), we can go to the site where you met or got engaged, or just a place that you both enjoy together!

Where Have Engagement Session


Some folks choose to do their engagement sessions in the city, maybe where they met, or around where they live, or because their wedding is going to take place at a rustic venue and they want the contrast.  Sometimes they’re just city people and want the city as a character in their photos.  I personally love shooting in the city.  There are endless backdrops, colors, and scenes to take advantage of.  It’s fun to walk around not knowing where the next stop will be!

Others choose to do their sessions around nature.  I’ve met with folks at parks, apple orchards, ponds, beaches, graveyards, and farms.  These engagement sessions are gorgeous and full of color and texture!

Where Have Engagement Session

A few couples have chosen to do their engagement sessions at their homes, which is great!  These sessions are intimate, sweet, and super meaningful!   Plus, they tend to be more relaxed since you’re not posing in front of passersby!

Once you’ve decided on the location, the next question is – when should I schedule it?   Well, that depends.  Do you have big plans for your engagement photos, like appearances on Save the Date cards or in a guest sign-in book?  Then you’ll most likely want to do them as soon as you can!  If you’re not sure that you’re going to do anything with the photos, then we can schedule it for whenever you’d like!  Do you have a favorite season?  Do you want to take advantage of fall foliage?  Spring blossoms?   Engagement sessions take place during the week (Mondays through Thursdays) and an hour and a half before sunset so we can take advantage of the prettiest light.   When we schedule it is up to you, and I’m happy to offer suggestions on both locations and times of the year!

Apartment Engagement Session

Now you’re wondering, what do I wear?  Bright colors photograph great, as do layers!  Stay away from anything with intricate patterns, and anything completely white or black.  And feel free to bring more than one outfit!   Many couples will change in the middle of the session, so that they can have a casual look and a dressed up look.  I’m also happy to offer suggestions on what to wear if you bring lots of options.  If we’re going to be walking around, make sure you’re comfortable in your shoes.  And definitely try on your outfits beforehand – I’ve seen some wardrobe malfunctions during shoots!    And finally, if you’re up for it and able to, it’s great to get your hair and makeup done!

Now you’re exited and nervous at the same time, wondering if you’re going to look ok in the photos.  I promise, you will!  You will be beyond thrilled when you see them!

Check out my blog for some ideas on where to do your engagement session!