Fishkill Farms WeddingEmily & Dan

Fishkill Farms Wedding

Meet Emily and Dan!  They got married on Saturday at Fishkill Farms, where Dan proposed to Emily.  I have to admit I was kind of jealous of this wedding!  I really love farms, and wish I had thought to get married at one!  Special thanks to my second shooter Liz for rallying – she got into a crazy accident on her way to NY from MA (she ran over a ladder on the highway that fell off of a truck).  After being stuck on the side of the road for over an hour, she got her car towed to a random town, was picked up by husband, and made it to the wedding.  What a trooper!  This has truly been the summer of crazy transportation problems – first my husband and I got stuck in Nova Scotia after our car broke down, then I got stranded on a ferry on the way to a wedding on an island, and then Liz ran over a ladder.

Onto more important things… the wedding!  I started off the day with Emily and her sister.  Thanks to Liz for the photos of Dan and his brother!

Fishkill Farm Wedding

From the hotel we headed to the farm, where we took some photos of Emily and Dan.  I LOVED Emily’s dress.  It was so perfect for a farm wedding!Farm Wedding Photographer

After we took some photos, it was time for Emily and Dan to get married!   The ceremony was epic – crops, mountains, the start of foliage, and a setting sun.Mountain Wedding Ceremony

We took some group photos during cocktail hour, and some more photos of Emily and Dan!   Massachusetts Farm Wedding

Toasts!Farm Wedding Reception

Now for my favorite part of Emily and Dan’s wedding.  Instead of having a cake, they had homemade cookies!  In fact, their guests brought enough cookies to feed around 1000 people.  There were also mini cupcakes!  And, more importantly, donuts.  Rows and rows of donuts!  I swear I can smell the donut goodness when I look at the photos of them.  If I learned one thing from Emily and Dan’s wedding, it’s that you can’t have too many photos of donuts.Wedding Cookies and Donuts

After people had their fill of cookies, an awesome dance party broke out!Tent Wedding Reception MA

Congratulations Emily and Dan!  I hope you enjoy the photos, and that your lives are filled with happiness and cookies!Bride and Groom Farm

  • Harriet Slaughter said:

    You gals did a great job! Thanks for capturing the moments!

  • Jane Kornblut said:

    Thank you so much for such beautiful pictures. What fun it was!

  • Kathie Winckler said:

    These pictures are so beautiful. It looks like a magazine shoot. Another perfect part of a perfect wedding!

  • Jamie said:

    Do you have any idea where her dress is from? I'm really coveting it! Thanks.

    • admin said:

      Hi! It's from Saja in New York: