Island WeddingChelsea & Noah

I don’t even know where to begin with Chelsea and Noah’s Wedding!

First of all, I was the second shooter with my friend and food photographer extraordinaire Kristin Teig.   When Kristin told me about Chelsea and Noah’s wedding, I jumped at the chance to shoot it!  I’d never been to Portland (in fact, I hadn’t been to Maine since elementary school!), the wedding was on an island (awesome!), and there were going to be whoopie pies instead of a wedding cake.

Second of all, second shooting is awesome.   The reason I love being the second photographer so much is that you get to be in complete photojournalism mode.  You’re just there to document what’s going on – and that is what I love to do above all else!

Thirdly, this wedding was crazy.  Under normal circumstances, I only post a few photos from weddings I photograph as the second shooter.   This is because the primary shooter does most of the work – they find the clients, book the clients, handle all of the logistics… I just show up and do what I love!  I got the go-ahead from Kristin, though, to post lots of photos because the story of this wedding needs to be told!

Finally, in writing this post, I am reminded of how I got into photography.  When I was newly living in New York City many years ago, I kept myself occupied by writing a blog of my adventures.  It eventually turned into a photo blog, and I would document much of what I was doing through photography.  This post is going to be a photographic play-by-plan of my day with Chelsea and Noah.

It all started on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.   I met up with Noah at the dock prior to boarding the ferry to the island.  The weather was perfect, the sun was out, and the guests starting arriving to board the ferry with us.

Portland Maine Wedding

We were all in good spirits, waiting to get on the ferry.  There was concern that we might not all fit on the boat, so a few people took the water taxi instead of the ferry.

Portland Maine Wedding

Here’s everyone on the boat, having a lovely time!  On our way to the wedding!  Scenery!  Excitement!  Woo hoo!!!

Boat Wedding

And then… cue villainous music … the boat stopped.  Kristin told me that she could see the boat smoking from the island!  My favorite shot is of the people on the water taxi (the poor folks who weren’t lucky enough to take the ferry! ah, the irony!) staring at our stationary boat.  Calls were made, nobody panicked, people were laughing, and everyone was grateful that things weren’t worse.  My initial “How crazy and fun is this!” response slowly turned into “Oh my god, I am going to be so very embarrassed if I’m the photographer who throws up over the side of the boat.”  I get terrible motion sickness, and while the ferry was moving it wasn’t too bad.  But sitting out there in the water drifting… the waves… not good!  I think we were out there for about half an hour while Plan B was put into effect.  The next set of photos is of everyone just hanging out on the boat while we drifted.  I’d also like to point out to the two people who read my blog regularly that I am apparently cursed – first our car died on the way to Nova Scotia, and then this!Wedding Guests Stranded on Ferry

Eventually another boat showed up to rescue us!  We had to de-board the boat and walk onto the other boat.  Crazy!   It originally seemed that Noah wanted to go down with the ship.  I wanted to stick with him to document his day, but I also really wanted off that boat!  I was getting nervous about my gear, and my motion sickness.  Noah was eventually convinced to take the first rescue boat with his grandmother.   The next set of photos contains shots of people getting off the original boat, and the people in the original boat waving goodbye to us.Wedding Guests Stranded on Ferry

Here’s a photo of Noah looking very calm on the second boat, on our way to the island.

Groom Stranded on Boat

Yay!  We got to the island safe and sound!  And then waited for smaller boats to get everyone else off of the ferry.

At this point you’ve probably forgotten that this post is about a wedding.  A wedding featuring the lovely and animated Chelsea, with her super cute yellow balloon!Bride with Balloon

I am freaking out with love for the yellow balloon!Bride Holding Yellow Balloon Cape Cod Wedding Photographer And freaking out with love for whoopie pies!Wedding Whoopie Pies

One of my favorite parts of the day was when Chelsea’s father surprised everyone by performing a song that he wrote for the wedding day (which is still in my head).  It was absolutely beautiful, and everyone (including yours trule) was very emotional.

Maine Island Wedding

Then it was time for Dancing, Part 1.  Everyone danced out on the lawn and it was super fun.

Portland Island Wedding

This next photo is one of my all time favorites.  And how much do you love that there were hula hoops at the wedding?

Then on to Dancing, Part 2.  A Party Boat came to pick us all up at the island.  Yes, folks, we got on a second boat.  Where there was delicious food from Whole Foods!  Yum!  And more dancing!  Tons of it!  And great music!  And a red and white striped tent!  And it was awesome!  And we didn’t even break down!Boat Wedding Reception

Congratulations to Chelsea and Noah!  Their wedding was awesome, and certainly one of the more memorable ones I’ve ever shot!   In fact, I am willing to bet that it might be the most memorable one I’ll ever shoot.Bride and Groom Life Preserver