Brunch Weddings Are Awesome!

When I tell people what I do for a living, they often say something like “Wow!  You must have seen some pretty awesome things!”  And I say “Yes, yes I have.”  As a wedding photographer I get to see it all, and it’s one of my favorite things about my job.  I get to be with my couples on one of the most important days of their lives.  I get to meet their families and friends.  I get to share in all of the highs and lows of the wedding day (let’s be honest – weddings can be stressful for couples, and I’m there for all of it, and it’s an important part of my job to help reduce street).   I get to attend tons and tons of weddings each year, see trends come and go, and see all of the fun things people do to honor their individual styles and personalities on their wedding days.

After I tell folks about some of the awesome things I’ve seen at weddings, they usually then say “Do you have any advice about planning a wedding?”  And yes, yes I do!

This is the first in a four-part series on different types of wedding venues (although in this case, it’s not so much a venue as it is an amazing wedding concept).   I’ll be sharing ideas with you about why certain types of less traditional venues (or, in this case, meals!) can be great for hosting your wedding!

When I get an inquiry about a wedding, there are seven magic words that are music to my ears.  “We are having a brunch wedding reception.”

I generally jump out of my seat and frantically start responding to the inquiry with something like “I LOVE BRUNCH WEDDINGS!!!  They are my favorite!”    Because I love brunch weddings so so so very much!

Why?  There are so many reasons!  The first being that there is brunch.  That goes without saying!  Brunch is my favorite meal.  Who doesn’t love brunch?  And especially a brunch buffet with french toast, eggs, bagels, fruit, and all manner of other delicious brunch foods?  As a wedding photographer, a brunch buffet is the best and quickest way to refuel and get back to photographing the brunch reception excitement!

Brunch Wedding Ideas

The second is the timing.  Brunch weddings happen in the afternoon, and afternoon weddings are great because there’s generally gorgeous natural light flooding the venue.  It makes for beautiful pictures!

Brunch Wedding Ideas

The third is the kids!  Many couples who choose to invite lots of kids to their wedding opt for a brunch wedding reception.   The kids can be entertained during a casual brunch wedding (couples will often provide toys and outdoor games), and not be totally exhausted (and crazy).   I have a two year old (who gets crazy after his bedtime) and the idea of bringing him to a brunch wedding really appeals to me!   Photographing kids at weddings for me, as a photographer, is an extremely rich experience that I truly enjoy!

Brunch Wedding Ideas

The fourth is the vibe.  Brunch weddings are often more casual than evening weddings and that really affects the mood of the crowd.   Some folks worry that people won’t dance or have fun during a daytime wedding, but in my experience, daytime wedding crowds are just as fun and energized as evening crowds.

So, think about having a brunch wedding!  And if you do, let me know because then you’ll get an email from me telling you about how much I love brunch!

I bet you want some brunch now, don’t you?  I do!

Did you serve brunch at your wedding?  Was it as awesome as you hoped it would be?  Please feel free to share your experience in the comments!